“My dream is to empower every child on this planet to invent, innovate and campaign for a sustainable future. My ISA project will enable me to educate children for sustainable development through a global technology-based solution.”

Ritu Malhotra (47 years) from India is the co-founder of ARC, an education start-up dedicated to equipping children with the information and skills they need to grow up to be active global citizens and responsible stewards of the planet. The UN’s 17 SDGs are the perfect tool to introduce children to the most pressing global challenges so they must be included in all education systems. To achieve this purpose, ARC has published Be the Change, a series of worksheet-based SDG books for school students. These books are based on the principle that integration with the school curriculum is necessary for the concept of education ‘for’ sustainable development, which is more impactful than education ‘about’ sustainable development.

Ritu’s ISA project is to create an international digital platform where teachers and students can engage and exchange ideas for a sustainable future. This one-stop digital solution will offer 360-degree ESD (education for sustainable development) solutions. She feels the learning process should be engaging and fun-filled for students, and teachers should be trained and equipped with resources to teach the SDGs.