“My participation in the International Sustainable Academy will strengthen the link between Gender and Social Work Education and a better place to strengthen my role as a gender advocate and social work educator in the global advocacy for women and gender issues.”

Amelyn Laro (43 years) is a social worker, educator, international volunteer, researcher, and gender advocate from the Philippines. She has been the Philippine delegate to international social work and gender-related workshops and conferences in Canada, South Korea, Kazakhstan, the USA, Sri Lanka, and Hongkong. She is an active alum of prestigious international organizations namely: the United States Community Solutions Program, Korean Institute for Gender Equality and Promotion and Education ASIAN Gender Trainers Network Program, and British funded organization Voluntary Service Overseas Bahaginan. She founded Advocacy on Women’s Education and Empowerment Project in 2016 and is a competent Resource person/Facilitator on various topics on gender sensitivity, gender-responsive case management, and gender human rights.

Her trailblazing project “Teach for Gender Equality” envisions contributing to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goal No. 5 Gender Equality and Sustainable Goal no. 4 Quality Education among tertiary schools in Davao Occidental Philippines. It will be a learning model for the Department of Education and Higher Educational Institutions in the country on how to fully implement Gender Responsive Education. This project will be launched in the Southern Philippines Agribusiness and Marine and Aquatic School of Technology (SPAMAST) Bachelor of Science in Social Work which is expected to provide a hybrid and online gender training platform thru the creation of Gender Online Hub which is a post-pandemic mode of learning gender equality. This project aims to fill in the knowledge and skills gap among teachers in the basic education sector by effectively implementing gender policies, projects, and culturally sensitive curricula in their respective schools.